Corporate Principles

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Basic Management Policy

1. Customer First, The Quality First
"Customer First, The Quality First" is our business motto which enables us to offer products with the best quality that can satisfy the customers' needs.
2. Challenging with the pioneer sprit
We always work on development of latest technologies and skills learning with great pride as a group of professionals for tool making and press products.
3. Find and encourage the skills and aptitudes of our employees
Our tools and press products are results of our employees' technologies and skills which have been developed and accumulated for many years. We will develop the environment that can assist our employees to enhance their competencies for new innovations and will develop human resources while inheriting our traditional attitude.
4. Provide stability and improve the quality of life of our employees
Our individual employees are treasures and assets to us. We will establish a friendly working environment while respecting diversity and each other's individuality and taking health and safety into account.
5. Contribute to the community
We provide products and services that take the earth environment into consideration and act to achieve a sustainable society. In addition, we actively participate in the local community and society as a citizen and contribute to their development.

Quality Policy

  • 1. Our customer requirements are our primary directive in order to manufacture good quality products.
  • 2. We actively find customer requirements in order to provide better products and services.
  • 3. We materialize the attractive "Q,C,D" with our original ideas and create a brilliant future.

Environmental Policy


In every aspect of our corporate activity, Yoshikawakogyo FineTech Co.,Ltd. recognizes that preservation of the earth environment is one of the most important issues of mankind, and we direct all our energy to materialize the maintenance and improvement of earth environment with our utmost consideration.

Guidelines for environmental activities

We deeply recognize that environmental improvement is our corporate social responsibility and we understand precisely the environmental effects of our activity, products, and services. We periodically review that our environmental purpose and target shall be performed in the best technically and economically possible way. We promote continuous improvement in environmental management systems and environmental performance as well as prevention activities against environmental pollution as stated below:

  1. We consistently considerate the environmental effects of our activity, products, and services, and we strive for continuous improvement in order to reduce the environmental load.
  2. We comply with environmental laws, regulations, and other requirements established, setting own standards if necessary.
  3. We promote environmental preservation continuously by maintaining its framework and system and execute environmental inspections.
  4. We improve our understanding of the environmental policy and the environmental awareness of our employee and strive for environmental improvement.
  5. We have established environmental targets as are expressed below:
  1. To prevent global warming and depletion of natural resources, we raise the energy and resource efficiency in order to save energy.
  2. In order to prevent the depletion of natural resources, we raise the efficiency of the use of metallic resources. The home generated scrap is classified according to its type and finally recycled.
  3. We minimize the use of paper and recycle paper.
  4. We struggle to prevent environmental pollution by collecting, classifying and recycling waste material.
  5. In order to prevent environmental pollution we provide our utmost effort to avoid oil contamination of soil and rainwater drainage ditches.