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Basic Action Guidelines

Introduction Our corporate business activities and earning trust from our customers and society in general, will depend on our employees that form the society in the end. Every board member and employee applies our corporate basic action guidelines.
Fully aware of the company stance and based on individual perspective, every employee is requested to the observation and practice of the articles stated bellow.

1.Development of healthy business activity
Although we make efforts to improve corporate profits, our business activity has the commitment to satisfy the customer expectation, business partners, employees, regional community and other people associated to us.
In order to achieve that objective, we meet a wide range of social responsibilities based on the compliance of logic and laws.
We contribute to the development of a sustainable society gaining the trust of the involved parties. With sincerity, we pursue the development of healthy business activities.
2.Compliance with laws, regulations, logic, etc
We develop our corporate business according to common commercial practices and complying with national and international applicable laws and regulations. Moreover, independence and creativity are nurtured in an appropriate business environment observing internal corporate rules too.
3.The customer first
Been aware that our products are placed through our customers in the global markets and people from around the world employ these products, we comply and improve QCD practices.
Additionally, we strive to create technology actively and plan the improvement of customer satisfaction, always understanding needs and expectations.
Guaranty of quality is developed based on our Quality Policy.
4.Respect for basic human rights and development of human resources
Basic human rights are respected in every business activity. Acts such as discrimination or degradation are not practiced all.
Appropriate employment, labor and human resources management are exercised.
In addition we plan the human resources development for the full application of our employees’ capabilities.
5.Preservation of appropriate working environment
We strive to keep improving our employees’ safety and heath in order to preserve an appropriate working environment.
6.Protection of information and assets
Information security including customer information is protected by management of tangible and intangible asset practices.
7. Protection of the environment
We embrace environmental protection as a vital issue and based on our Environmental Policy, we pursue continuously the reduction of environmental burden, contamination prevention, and green procurement among other objectives.
8.Contribution to society
We believe that the regional community is the foundation of industry existence. Therefore we keep improving relations with neighborhood residents. Our employees spontaneously contribute and encourage social action activities.
Established on June 1, 2011
Yoshikawakogyo FineTech Co.,Ltd.
President and Representative director  Shuji Kobayashi