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We acknowledge the importance of protection of personal information in an advanced information-communication society, and we aim to protect personal rights and benefits establishing following privacy policy and spreading it among board members and employees.

Handling Policy of Personal Information
The provided personal information to Yoshikawakogyo FineTech Co.,Ltd. will be always handled properly.
We comprehend the importance of such information and handle it with utmost care in our business activity according to the privacy policy.
Purpose of Personal Information
We do not use such information for any other purpose than those described below.
However any change of policy will be always notified on our website.
1. To provide information regarding our products or services by mail, telephone, e-mail.
2. To tally and analyze data, credit estimation and credit administration in order to improve the convenience of our website.
3. To execute of other issues related with the purposes stated above.
Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties
We do not provide personal information to any third party without prior approval from our customers, except under circumstances applicable by law.
As part of our business purpose, personal information could be entrusted to a third party that is in agreement to our secret policy.
We supervise the entrusted companies with the aim of proper handling of personal information according to our privacy policy.
Implement Safety Measure for Personal Information
We apply practical safety measures to protect personal information against loss, destruction, unauthorized release, falsification and unauthorized access.
Once personal information is considered no longer necessary for business purpose it will be erased .
Disclosure, Correction and other Requests
When a customer request to disclose or correct personal information we comply as soon as possible according to law.
Continuous Improvement of our Privacy Policy
We comply with laws and standards that are applied to personal information and continuously review them in order to improve our privacy policy.